It has been 10 years now since Alanna has been a big sister as she reflects back to her memories as a Big Sister.

Alanna was a self-employed woman when she decided to become a Big Sister, “I had no kids and had some spare time, I had remembered about Big Brothers Big Sisters when I was in high school and I wanted to make a difference and contribute to my community.”

When Alanna met her little sister Kathy for the 1st time she remembers being nervous and hoping Kathy would like her, she remembers Kathy being nervous and shy and very adorable.
Alanna remembers as their friendship grew that it was the little things they enjoyed the most. Just hanging out or cooking, we both loved to cook!

Alanna had some special moments with Kathy over the years of their friendship. She remembers when Kathy started swimming lessons how naturally great of a swimmer she was. How she helped Kathy levitate her fear of flying and Kathy went on her first airplane trip to camp, it was her first time to camp too! 

Alanna reflects back on how rewarding that friendship was to her as well, how you can have a real friendship with a younger person! It made me appreciate kids more, seeing things through their eyes! I got to be a kid again too! I had no idea what a difference being a mentor could make! I did not realize it would be the simple things that made Kathy most happy, just showing up on a regular basis was enough! Nothing fancy had to be planned!

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