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Matt & Jeff: Their Story is Far From Over

Matt & Jeff  
Matt and Jeff: Their Story is Far From Over  

Big Brother Jeff remembers back to when he and his Little Brother Matt first met, over 10 years ago.

“I was totally pumped about becoming a Big Brother,” says Jeff, “and I knew this program was the perfect fit for me. I was just a great big kid at the time and Matt would likely say I still am today!”

Jeff recalls that Matt was bright, impressionable and all about the sports! He quickly became his “phone a friend” contact whenever he had a sports related question. It was Matt’s seemingly photographic mind for sports trivia and his love of watching sports events that gave the two plenty of common ground to start on.

Matt had just turned 13 and admits, “I wasn’t exactly keen on the idea. I was shy, a bit nervous but mostly just unsure of the outcome.”

But, sports did indeed bring the two together and remains a constant staple in their relationship today. Matt says that some of their most memorable outings in the beginning years were spent watching the Bombers and the Jets. And he shares that his friendship with Jeff has made a positive impact on his life.

For Jeff the experience has been life changing too. Over the years he has remained an active participant in Matt’s life and smiles when he talks about Matt’s transition from a young teenage boy, into the responsible man he is today. “Matt has a tremendous positive moral compass and portrays a level of honesty that I have come to count on. I am just so proud of the person he has become and proud to call him my best friend.”

“Giving of my time as a mentor and offering the odd piece of advice was such a small price in comparison to the impact that having Matt in my life has made. Looking back, the friendship that Matt and I have today was well worth the small investment of time during those years.”

“I never thought this experience would translate into a lifetime friendship. But that speaks to the power of this program I guess.”

Jeff and Matt are grateful that this program brought them together and want to share their experience to motivate others to get involved. As Jeff puts it, “Matt and I were so upset to hear the amount of Little Brother’s on the wait list and hope that by sharing our story we may influence some men to take that first step and apply.”

These two are living proof of the remarkable friendship made possible through the power of mentorship. When Matt turned eighteen, he naturally graduated out of the program, but make no mistake - these two are in this friendship for the long haul. 

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