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Claude-Anne & Sarah

Claude-Anne & Sarah 

Giving Back and Making a Difference 



 Claude-Anne is an active member of the community and a proud member of the Canadian Forces, so it’s not surprising that she also believes strongly in the values and importance of mentorship. She has had a number of strong female role models; to whom she attributes her compassion and drive to succeed and is likely what compelled her to become a Big Sister over a year ago.

“I had thought about joining as a Big Sister for a very long time because I knew of the good work this agency was doing for kids in our city.” Claude-Anne tells me, “Giving back to the community and making a difference in the life of a child is really important to me and I felt like it was time to get involved.”

When she met her Little Sister Sarah for the first time, Claude-Anne was taken aback by how much the two had in common.

“I had forgotten how much fun a seven year old has - her energy is completely contagious and has rubbed off on me in the best way possible,” Claude-Anne recalls.

As a match, they have shared many giggles together: coloring, playing video games, but most of all swimming! The two have enjoyed many outings to the pool, where Claude-Anne has spent countless hours teaching Sarah to swim.

For Claude-Anne, watching Sarah become more confident has been the most meaningful part of her experience so far, “it has brought me a lot of joy watching Sarah gain her independence in certain areas – she is more talkative, open and speaks her mind more freely. Knowing that she looks up to me as a Big Sister and a role model for encouragement and guidance, has been so rewarding.”

For Sarah, the benefits of having a mentor like Claude-Anne are not as easily articulated. When asked what she has liked the most about having a Big Sister in her life, Sarah replied, “I love everything – I can’t just choose one thing.” The honest words of a seven year old, it doesn't get more simple than that.

Mentorship makes a difference.

If you are inspired by Claude-Anne’s story of mentorship and want to find out more about how to get involved and take a child off the wait list then CLICK HERE to find out how HOW EASY IT IS TO APPLY!

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