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Best Buy Mentors Prove...It only takes a few to start something big!

When Big Brothers Big Sisters approached Best Buy Regent about developing a Corporate In-School Mentoring program with their staff, the management team was happy to give us a chance! We weren’t all that surprised, given that Best Buy has been a long time supporter of our agency locally and had a strong National partnership with Big Brothers Big Sister of Canada. And a chance was all we needed to prove that all it takes is a few to start something BIG! 

The Best Buy mentor group may be few in numbers, but they are mighty in heart. As a group, four dedicated Best Buy staff hang-up their employee name tags and for one hour, once a week, they visit an elementary school in their neighborhood; where they transform from employee to volunteer mentor.

“It’s so much fun,” one volunteer tells us, “and every week we feel like we learn something new and different about our mentees. It’s super rewarding too.”

This program provides a caring and positive role model for kids in the school system where one is needed. The group has been meeting with their mentees for a couple of months and plan to resume with the same group of children in the fall. “We love volunteering as a group, and doing activities together. But we also get the chance to spend one-to-one time with our mentee each week, which makes it special.”

For the kids in the program, the positive impact is immediate. As one mentee puts it, “every week is the best week, because I get to see my mentor and we do fun things together.”

The partnering elementary school says that although the program is still fairly new to their school, it is clear the joy the kids receive from the time spent with their mentors. They predict the program will continue to grow every year. Best Buy has really shown their commitment to the program and the students.

To wrap up the year in style, the Best Buy group held a BBQ where management whipped up some tasty food fare for the mentees and their parents to enjoy. The mentors set up a face painting station and played video games with the kids. It was very clear to see the impact these volunteers have made in the lives of the kids they mentor.

Thank you to the Best Buy mentor group for reminding us all that it only takes a few, to start something big and make a difference. The kids they mentor each week would agree whole heartedly.

What is the program? The Corporate In-School Mentor program offers your company an opportunity to mentor youth at a nearby school. The mentors meet at the children’s school for one hour, once a week, during the course of the school year. Your team of employees (small or large), can go through the training and enrollment process together – we want to make it as easy as possible for them to participate. And we want to help you to encourage a positive team building experience for your employees.


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