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A Special Kind of Brotherhood

James & Charles - A Special Kind of Brotherhood!

When you meet James and Charles for the first time, you’d be convinced the two were brothers. They laugh at the same jokes, finish one another’s sentences, have the same quirky mannerisms and at close glance they even share the same warm smile. And, if you asked either of them, both would agree, that they share a very special kind of brotherhood.

It’s true. The two are in fact brothers of sorts, just not in the sense most of us are used to hearing about. Through our In-School Mentoring program, James has been Charles’ Big Brother for the past 2 years. Although they do not share a biological connection, the bond between the two is unmistakeable. As Charles puts it, “I love hanging out with James and even though he is older than me, we have so many things in common - which makes me not even notice.”

James meets Charles at his school once a week to hang out and spend time together. “When I leave the school,” James shared, “after spending time with Charles, I feel like a kid again myself. He even got me up on stilts the other day! The experience has been more than I could have ever asked for.”

Like many before him, James had thought about becoming involved with our agency for a very long time and finally realized this was his time. “I had always thought about what the experience would be like and finally decided this was my time to step up and get involved as a Big Brother,” James recalled.

James and Charles have oodles in common and both agree that it is their avid love of space which first connected the two. They enjoy many fun activities together and learn a lot from one another each time they meet.

“Charles teaches me so much every time we visit. As the adult, I thought he would be the one doing all the learning, but it turns out I’ve learned more from him. He even taught me how to play cribbage,” James laughed.

Charles speaks very highly of his experience as a Little Brother. When asked about his favorite day with James so far, Charles’ smile beamed ear to ear and he answered “pretty much every day with James is my favorite day.”

The two share a very special kind of brotherhood connection, that continues to surprise and delight them both. This should remind us all of about the power of mentorship and most importantly, the power of friendship.

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