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A Different Kind of Experience!

When Bill applied to be a Big Brother, he was at a point in his life when he wanted a very different kind of volunteer experience. Bill had known about our agency for many years and now that his own kids were grown, he felt this was the perfect time to get involved. As Bill explains, “I had been a part of a number of volunteer initiatives over the years and this time around I wanted to be involved more directly.”

That was two years ago, and Bill is still going strong today with his match Colin.

From a young age, Colin knew he wanted a Big Brother, and at 14, Colin was finally matched with Bill. When Bill and Colin first met, both admitted they were very reluctant and wondered if they would have enough in common. Bill worried that Colin might want a younger match, but was immediately impressed with Colin’s articulate and polite demeanor. Colin explains the match “as good fit right from the start!”

 Bill and Colin have a lot in common, but both agree that it is their similar sense of humor that connects them the most. The two enjoy many fun activities together, some of which Bill admits he hasn't done in years, like go carting! And Bill has a way of encouraging Colin to try new things that he otherwise may not, like water skiing!

 When asked what having Bill in Colin’s has meant to him, he says “Bill spends lots of time with me and encourages me to try new things. We’ve done so many cool things together. I’d really miss having in my life. He’s a friend and role model.”

Unsure of what the experience would be like at first, Bill says that his match with Colin has brought him a lot of joy and touched his life in a way he wasn’t expecting at all. Part of what has made the experience so meaningful for Bill has been watching Colin grow into a mature young man. 

“Each week, Colin brings a different highlight than the week before and he has totally enriched and invigorated my life. I really feel I lucked out. I always feel better after my visits with Colin.”

Sometimes, it’s the different, not so ordinary kind of experience that turns out to enrich our lives the most. Just ask Bill and Colin.

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