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Tyrone & Daren: Through the Eyes of a Child!

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Tyrone & Daren: Through the Eyes of a Child!

Sometimes life gets so busy that we forget to stop and take a moment to enjoy the simple things - which is exactly what Tyrone decided to do when he applied to be a Big Brother over a year ago. For Tyrone, the idea of mentoring a child and giving back to the community made perfect sense. And he says he was most excited about the thought of seeing the world through the eyes of a child for a change.

Tyrone was thrilled when he was first introduced to his 9 year old Little Brother Daren and the two became great buddies almost instantly. For Tyrone, having Daren in his life has allowed him the opportunity to feel youthful again, “Daren is a sweet, polite and kind kid – but he also has this outgoing and competitive side that brings out those qualities in me. We play fooze ball and go tobogganing for fun– I can’t remember the last time I went tobogganing before I met Daren.”

Introducing Daren to as many new possibilities and experiences has been an important part of their friendship. The two have really enjoyed staying active and spending time together outdoors. It is clear that their friendship means a lot to Daren and when asked about his favorite outing with Tyrone, Daren answered “pretty much all of them.” Similarly, when asked what he liked best about his Big Brother, he responded “pretty much everything.” The two laughed and agreed that pretty much sums it up!

Being a new graduate has meant balancing work with personal life, which Tyrone admits has come with its challenges; but he says that the overall experience of being a Big Brother has been worth it in the end.

“Getting to know Daren” Tyron shares, “and getting to spend time with him has been so rewarding, and knowing that I am giving back to my community makes it all feel like such a winning experience.”

If you have ever thought about being a Big Brother or a Big Sister to a child, maybe now is your time?

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Winnipeg currently has a long wait list of boys, who need a mentor and friend just like Tyrone. If you know of someone in your life who you think would be a great BIG, encourage them to apply today!

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