Steve and Sabrie

Sabrie came from a single parent home when he entered the Big Brother program.  He lived with his mom and older brother but still felt like he was missing that older male role model in his life; someone he could talk to, hang out with, and learn things from.  
Despite initial concerns about the time commitment, Steve decided to volunteer because he wanted to give back to the community and with no kids of his own,  Steve still wanted the experience of hanging out with a young person and doing fun “kid stuff”!
Having celebrated over 7 years of friendship, both Steve and Sabrie say it’s worked out great!  They like to shoot hoops, go for car rides and talk, go to Goldeyes games and to the movies.  One of the best times they ever had in Sabrie's opinion is the weekend Steve took him to a friend’s cottage. Sabrie had never been camping or to a cottage before and now has wonderful memories of hiking, berry-picking, learning how to build a fire and roasting marshmallows with his Big Brother.  
The mutual respect and trust between the two friends is also evident. Sabrie describes his Big Brother as very intellectual and credits Steve for teaching him better grammar, how to play basketball, helping him become more mature, and says he feels special when his Big Brother doesn’t treat him like a little kid.


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