Renee & Trinity

Renee & Trinity  
Renee and Trinity - Happy to have found each other!  

Big Brother Big Sister mentoring programs have been around for 100 years - that’s right, 100 years! In that time, mentors in our city and across Canada have made real and positive differences in the lives of the kids involved in our programs - and it changes mentors lives for the better too! We know our mentoring programs make a BIG difference and stories like this remind us why you should get involved and share your story of mentorship with others! 

This is the story of Renee and Trinity.

Renee joined Big Brothers Big Sisters of Winnipeg over 2 years ago with her best friend. At the time, Renee was looking to volunteer with kids in a one-to-one capacity, and felt our mentoring programs were a perfect fit for what she had in mind. A teacher by trade, Renee strongly believes mentoring makes a difference and was excited to begin her friendship with her Little Sister.

 After waiting for almost a year for a Big Sister, Trinity was thrilled when she was finally matched with Renee. Trinity recalls their first introduction, saying “I was kind of shy and nervous to meet Renee, but so excited to finally have a Big Sister. Renee was really funny and easy to talk to, and we connected right away.”  The rest, as they say, is history.

The two have shared a very special connection since being matched, based on common interests and mutual respect. “My relationship with Trinity is truly about friendship. Sure, I am a mentor to her and do my best to guide her in the right direction, but I’m not her teacher, her parent or her coach. I am her Big Sister and friend.”

When asked what having Trinity in her life has meant to her, Renee tears up and says “It means a lot. Trinity is a very special part of my life and I just can’t imagine her not being my Little Sister.” The feeling is mutual for Trinity.

Renee and Trinity have enjoyed many fun activities together, and as a result Trinity has been exposed to many new opportunities. Trinity recalls some of her most memorable times with her Big Sister, and beams when she talks about spending time at the lake with Renee. Trinity being the more adventurous of the two (according to Renee) even got her Big Sister water skiing! The two also enjoy the simple times they share together baking, cooking and talking girl chat in the car.

For Renee, the best part of her week is seeing her Little Sister Trinity.

“Now that she’s older, she really knows how to show she cares. She’s opened up more and is really interested in adult life questions. I see a bright future for her, and that makes me so happy knowing I may have a small part of that.”

If you are inspired by Renee’s story of mentorship, we encourage you APPLY TODAY to be mentor to a child!

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