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Painting Fingernails!

Brianne & Valerie 2 

Valerie and Brianne are a new match, and just celebrated their one year anniversary!

Valerie was a young adult when she decided to become a big sister. She had a fun childhood and a great mentor in her own life and wanted to share that guidance with a child that needed that support.

Valerie admits at first she was hesitant over the commitment to the     program but once the match was made she said it was easy to make time for her Little!

Valerie remembers meeting her Little Brianne over a year ago, she was 9 years old, and a little shy at first. “Her personality reminded me of myself, she was organized. As our friendship started and grew Brianne got more comfortable with me and her personality shined, it was cute she would be such a planner that before we would part from hanging out she would go over all the details for our next hangout! We both enjoyed a lot of the same things like baking, playing sports and being active together!”

Brianne is the only girl in her family, she has 3 sibling brothers, “I remember how much she would enjoy girly time together like painting her nails, she really enjoyed that!”

Valerie says that she already sees positive outcomes in Brianne; “she is more confident and will express her ideas.

Valerie expresses how she values mentoring in her life, “I would miss it if it was not apart on my life!”

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Winnipeg currently has a long wait list of kids, who need a mentor and friend just like Brianne. If you know of someone in your life who you think would be a great BIG, encourage them to apply today!

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