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Crafts, Pizza and Chopsticks

 Danielle & Mary 
Danielle & Mary

Crafts, Pizza, and Chopsticks


Becoming a mentor has changed Danielle’s life.

Danielle was a busy young professional at the time she joined Big Brothers Big Sisters of Winnipeg and admits that she was eager to get involved as a mentor.

“I entertained the idea of becoming a Big Sister for a long time, yet I’m not exactly sure what it was that made me finally apply. I guess I felt that I was at the right place in my life and had a lot to offer a young person.”

When Danielle met her Little Sister Mary for the first time, she felt the two connected instantly. Danielle recalled Mary being a little bit shy and soft spoken, “even though Mary was quiet at first, she had her own unique style and an award winning personality. I really liked that about her right from the start.”

Mary was 11 at the time she was matched and remembers her first meeting with Danielle, “I was really nervous when I met my Big Sister for the first time, but I was also really excited. She brought a craft for us to do and I thought that was pretty cool!”

As a match, the two have enjoyed many outings together, but both agree their love of crafts is what connects them the most. The two have also participated in a lot of different activities together, including their pizza and chop sticks luncheon!

For Danielle, the experience of being a mentor has been incredibly rewarding. However, she admits there have been some challenges.

“When I applied to be a Big Sister 3 years ago, I was single and lived right in the city, but my circumstances have changed. Mary’s schedule has also become much busier as she reaches her teen years. We manage to make it work in spite of the challenges, and the best part of my week is still seeing Mary.”

Mary feels the same way! “I love spending time with Danielle. I can talk to her about anything and when I am in a situation that I don’t know how to handle, I think of how Danielle would handle it.”

Danielle’s involvement as a Big Sister has had a profound effect on her life. When with her Little she says she laughs a lot more and is more open to trying new things. Danielle feels proud of the impact she has made on her Little Sister Mary,

“It’s an amazing feeling to know that Mary looks up to me as a role model. To know that I have had a small part in contributing to the outstanding person she has become, it has really changed my life”
Becoming a mentor can change your life too.


If you are inspired by Danielle’s story of mentorship and want to find out more about how to get involved and take a child off the wait list then CLICK HERE to find out how HOW EASY IT IS TO APPLY!