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The "Storybook Club" is a short term "Mentoring Preparation" program for volunteers and youth.  It is designed to give children a meaningful short-term mentoring experience while they wait for a one to one Big. These children can then go on to be considered for a Big Brother or Big Sister match in our community-based program.

Mentor and Mentees will  learn about the elements of story from program leaders (character, plot, timeline) and will also have the opportunity to illustrate parts of their story with art. Big Brothers Big Sisters will then publish a copy of the book for the youth to keep.  This is a fun way for kids to practice literacy skills, as well as get to know selected mentors. This program is free, and snacks will be provided. Youth must be fully enrolled in the Agency (application, interview and pre-match training.) .

Volunteers can apply online by visiting here 

Parents of interested youth can call the office at 204-988-9200 or email 

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