Time spent together that has significance and meaning.

Ototema is a program about friendship where male and female adult volunteers are matched in a one-to-one relationship with a male or female youth who is in conflict with the law. The youths in this program are between the ages of 7 - 18 and include younger youths referred from the Turnabout program, older youths on probation, and youths incarcerated at the Manitoba Youth Center for non-violent offenses. Youths participate in this program voluntarily and are thoroughly screened to ensure the safety of everyone involved.


  • Have a special interest in Restorative Justice, Corrections and/or the Justice System
  • Are kind, caring people from all walks of life
  • Have 2-4 hours twice a month to share


  • Pool
  • Cultural based activities
  • Movies
  • Baseball games
  • Wii
  • Agency events
  • Hockey games
  • Play chess
  • Football games

As a volunteer you will have access to agency events and free tickets/movie passes, recreational and cultural activities, and an orientation to the Youth Justice System.

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