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  • For the Big Brother or Big Sister program, the min. age is 6 for girls and 7 for boys.
  • The Ototema program is for youth who have had contact with the police or the justice system, on probation orders, or currently incarcerated at MYC, and is for youth aged 7-17.
  • The M.A.P. program is for pregnant and parenting teen girls aged 12-18.
  • The P.R.I.S.M program is for youth (9-17) who identify as part of the LGBTTQ2IA* community (or are questioning) and want a mentor specifically from within the LGBTTQ2IA* community
  • For site-based programs age range varies - please inquire or select the individual program page on the left nav bar.
  • All participation is completely voluntary - youth must want a mentor
  • We must assess that your child/youth is capable of participating in an unsupervised relationship with an adult mentor. At times, we may not be able to provide our services based on our volunteer/program availability 
  • Families must live within the city limits of Winnipeg. If you are from outside the city, please contact one of our rural agencies; Big Brothers Big Sisters of Portage La Prairie, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Brandon, or Big Brothers Big Sisters of Morden-Winkler.

Our programs continue to change and grow to address the needs of our community. We strongly recommend you speak to one of our caseworkers if your situation is not represented here. If we don't have a program that will suit the needs of your child, we will be able to recommend another organization that may be a fit.

Although many people still believe boys require male role models, research into child development indicates that cross-gender matching can have outcomes just as strong. Often, children need positive adults of any gender to support resilience and self-esteem. It is the quality of the relationship that matters. We encourage all families with boys to consider accepting a Big Sister or Big Brother. 

We also accept youth (and mentors) from all gender and sexual identities, and do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, sexual orientation, etc. 

We try our best to meet the needs and interests of a broad range of children and youth, but at times certain disabilities and developmental delays can make it difficult (or not possible) for us to find a suitably qualified mentor. If this is the case, we will try to make a suitable referral to an organization better able to provide specialized support services.

To find out more about enrolling a child or young person in our programs, please contact us. (You can submit a request for an application online by clicking the youth application link on the left.)

From time to time intake is paused when our waiting list reaches a certain size. You can find more information on whether we are accepting new youth by clicking here: Youth Intake Request

How can I enrol my child?

Parents and Guardians can enroll their children onto our Waiting List for the Big Brother and Big Sister program, and for the Big Buddy Program provided that the eligibility criteria is met. One of the most important criteria is that the child wants a mentor.

  1. Beginning at your initial intake, a Caseworker will discuss your family situation and child's need for a mentor, as well as which program is available for consideration.
  2. After an application is returned to our office, we conduct an interview with both parent/guardian and the child. We find out about the child's personality, interests, and needs at that time so that we are able to find the most suitable mentor possible.
  3. After the interview, there is a mandatory Pre-Match Training program  that parents/guardians and the children must attend and demonstrate an understanding of, prior to being accepted onto our Waiting List.
  4. Big Brothers and Big Sisters will then assign a Caseworker and attempt to provide Agency resources and programming, such as the Big Buddy program, while the child is waiting for a match. Note: We do not match children in sequential order - but rather by needs, interests, and suitability in order that we create friendships which have a strong foundation to become nurturing and positive experiences for both the Big and the Little. Therefore, unfortunately we are unable to determine wait times.
  5. Once we have found a volunteer for a child, the parent/guardian will be contacted to discuss a potential match.
  6. Note: Volunteers commit to a minimum of one year with a child, but depending on the relationship, many matches stay together for longer. We can keep a child's match open with our Agency until they are older.

Please Call our Office at (204) 988-9200 for more information!  


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