L.E.A.P (Learning is Essential for All People)

L.E.A.P  runs a two hour after-school tutor and mentorship program every week from 6pm-8pm. (Days of the week vary depending on age/grade level and size of group.) Each student is paired up with their own individual tutor for an hour of personalized tutoring, followed with relationship building, fun activities and games. Students either work on their own homework they bring with them, or work on any of the resources we have at LEAP.


 After an hour of homework, volunteers and students have a healthy snack and participate in organized games and activities that emphasis life-skills, teamwork, and fun!


Homework can be fun!

Individual tutoring is the foundation of LEAP. Based on the goal of increasing a  love of learning, an hour of weekly tutoring provides direct academic support to our students. The material worked on is brought in by the students, providing an opportunity to increase school performance and reduce student workload. If homework isn't brought in, sample curriculum is provided.


Volunteers are paired individually with the students based on academic needs, personalities, and individual preferences. This individualized approach allows for continued progress and continuity for the students. Students and tutors work together to make progress on school work and increasing academic performance.


This is a perfect program for University Students who are interested in the field of Education, or anyone who has an aptitude for a particular subject area. All mentoring takes place at the Big Brothers Big Sisters Building at 532 Ellice, conveniently located steps from the University of Winnipeg's Duckworth Centre.

Volunteers interested in being a tutor/mentor can contact BBBS directly by using our inquiry page.

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