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Big Smiles Collection Crew


The Big Smiles Collection Crew is a year round fundraising program supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters of Winnipeg and their mission to provide children with mentors for friendship, support and guidance.

We offer FREE curbside pick up of your donated gently used clothing and household items.

These items are sold directly to Value Village in a partnership with them to provide the agency with sustainable funding allowing continual growth to serve the needs of kids and their families right here in Winnipeg.

Our drivers are on the road Monday to Friday, stopping at over 300 homes daily and 23 drop off bin locations. Call 204-943-KIDS (5437) to schedule your pick up today! You can also drop items off at any of our bin locations throughout the city or directly at a Value Village store. 

Click here to view the bin locations

The money collected from Big Smiles is vitally important in supporting the screening, matching and monitoring of mentors and their Littles. Providing children with mentors for friendship, support and guidance puts big smiles on our faces as well as theirs.

Thank you for continuing to think of us when you are cleaning out your closets!

Thank you to our sponsors for making this program possible.

Fun Facts;

  • 30,000 lbs of clothes picked up per week! That’s 1,560,000 lbs per year!
  • 9,000 lbs of miscellaneous household items per week. That's 468,000 lbs per year!
  • Recycling these items helps keep them out of landfills. Recycling helps everyone.
  • We stop at 1,500 houses a week. 
  • You donations help mentor over 660 kids in our community!
  • It's not just the kids that benefit, but their families too.

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